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What is Navcoin (NAV)?

NavCoin (NAV) is a digital programmable coin that was launched on June 2nd 2014. It is an open source protocol that gives users the ability to access and use code without restrictions. The coin is based on Bitcoin 0.13, hence features most of Bitcoin's components with some improvements.

NavCoin boasts of a dual blockchain that makes its transactions faster than those of Bitcoin. While Bitcoin transactions take an average of 10 minutes, NavCoin network takes just 30 seconds. Its use of oof-of-Stake consensus means that it has no need of specialized mining machines and thus low energy consumption. It also significantly lowers the cost of transactions in the web3 economy. The cost of a transaction is estimated to be 0.0001 NAV.

NavCoin is a special crypto aiming at simplifying the use of the blockchain technology. Its developers want to create a platform where anyone irrespective of their crypto knowledge can use digital money for everyday transactions. It is also a privacy network ensuring that users remain unidentified thanks to its use of the RCA (2048 bit length keys) that are very difficult to break and a subchain process. It in addition incorporates SegWit, making it flexible for further developments in the future.

Navcoin comes with its own unique wallets classified as 'full' and 'light' wallets. Here's a list of wallets currently available:

NavCoin Core - A full wallet that allows network staking

NavPay - A light wallet with simple features and uses less gigabyte space

Next - A full wallet that is stylish, allows staking and has a simple interface

Coinomi - A multi-wallet that supports Bitcoin and other cryptos in addition to NavCoin.

NavCoin M8 - This is a staking wallet that is highly powered and provides users with DIY options

NavPi StakeBox - A full wallet that uses Raspberry-Pi platform and is low energy

NavPaper - A wallet able to generate keys that are stored offline for security purposes

Navcoin is also available in a variety of exchanges key among them being Bittrex and Poloniex.

The network is run and supported by a decentralized community. It relies on Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm making it lightweight and thus no need for huge servers. The algorithm stakes about 5% annually. In order to stake, you simply need NavCoin Core wallet then transfer your NAV coins to the wallet.

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Navcoin (NAV) price prediction and forecast

In this area we give unique Navcoin price predictions. We analyse a lot of sources to evaluate wheater the NAV price will increase or decrease in the following time.

To give a real value to our users, we don’t want to waste your time with too much algorithmic information about our NAV price predictions.

We use parameters like increase of popularity on several platforms like Github and Reddit, technical chart analysis and data engineering pipelines to give the best Navcoin price predictions for free.

Our Navcoin forecast is obviously not guaranteed and not a 100 % reliable source. Do your own research as well! The predicted prices can change in the future so keep checking it weekly!

The price of Navcoin (NAV) could be not available USD by tomorrow

Navcoin (NAV) price forecast end of 2022

Due to the Ukraine war and other significant impacts on our society this year, we could see the Navcoin price increasing a in the next few months. Our predicted price will update weekly, so keep an eye on it!

If the crypto adoption goes faster, we could expect a somewhat higher NAV price in 2022. The adoption increased this year and is still because of this political issues right now.

not available USD

Navcoin (NAV) price forecast 2025

On the longrun, we are pretty optimistic with our Cryptocoin prediction for 2025. As people will for sure explore the crypto markets, we give an estimated forecast for Navcoin in 2025.

Our predicted NAV price in 2025 will be:

not available USD

Navcoin (NAV) price forecast 2030

Our forecast model is also able to predict the Navcoin price in 2030. This is obviously not as accurate as the forecast for 2022 or 2025.

The Navcoin price in 2030 will be:

not available USD

Navcoin (NAV) price forecast 2040

According to our Navcoin (NAV) predictions, the forecast-model predicts a price of not available USD in 2040.

Navcoin (NAV) price forecast 2050

The rough estimates we can do with our automated forecasting model are not available USD for the year of 2050.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Navcoin (NAV) is safe to buy as long as you're careful with your private data. Our recommended exchanges are tested by many people and safe. Don't buy from third-party exchanges and keep your data safe. There are lots of scammers in the crypto-world so keep your data and your private keys safe. It is highly recommended to use hardware- and cold-wallets.

    The predicted price for tomorrow is not available USD.

    The Navcoin-price is predicted to be not available USD.