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368,540,931 DRGN
Total Supply
433,494,437 DRGN

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What is Dragonchain (DRGN)?

Dragonchain was originally developed at Disney’s Seattle office in 2015 and 2016 as the Disney Private Blockchain Platform. Over 20 use cases and applications were explored and documented publicly via the W3C community Group. The platform was later released as open source software under the Apache 2 license in October of 2016.

Dragonchain simplifies the integration of real business applications on a blockchain and provides features such as easy integration, protection of business data and operations, currency agnosticism, and multi-currency support.

The Dragonchain Foundation, a Non-Profit Corporation was created in January of 2017 to maintain ownership and responsibility of the open source code.

The Dragonchain team is now in the process of launching a commercial entity to build a serverless architecture blockchain platform. The combination of serverless and blockchain technologies is unique and tremendously valuable. The timing of the Dragonchain platform launch is highly strategic to benefit from explosive growth of cloud computing over the last few years and the emerging wave of Blockchain solutions entering proof of concept stage across enterprises.

The Dragonchain team will launch Dragonchain, Inc., as a commercial entity to provide an array of products and services to the community. Our vision supports areas of the market that are underserved with strong demand and projected growth in the blockchain industry ($7.7b by 2024) across an array of multi-billion dollar sectors such as Arts, Wine, Automotive, Legal, Digital Marketing, etc. These sectors and more will experience market disruption with blockchain capabilities shifting the value proposition into decentralized environments. Dragonchain platform will support these needs.

Dragonchain provides a commercial platform for application developers to rapidly and securely deploy Blockchain applications while maintaining existing language development environments (e.g. Java, Python, Node, C#, Go); a tremendous costing and speed to market advantage. The Dragonchain architecture is also designed to allow nodes to handle approval of transactions based upon five levels of network consensus to provide a spectrum of trust to data consumers; a level of security and flexibility unseen in the market by current blockchain solution providers. These design attributes position Dragonchain for exponential growth.

In addition, Dragonchain will provide project incubation as well as professional services with strategic partnerships to develop successful tokenization ecosystems focusing on long term value.

A DRGN is a tokenized micro-license for interaction with Dragonchain commercial platform services which captures legal guidance regarding US Securities law.

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Dragonchain (DRGN) price prediction and forecast

In this area we give unique Dragonchain price predictions. We analyse a lot of sources to evaluate wheater the DRGN price will increase or decrease in the following time.

To give a real value to our users, we don’t want to waste your time with too much algorithmic information about our DRGN price predictions.

We use parameters like increase of popularity on several platforms like Github and Reddit, technical chart analysis and data engineering pipelines to give the best Dragonchain price predictions for free.

Our Dragonchain forecast is obviously not guaranteed and not a 100 % reliable source. Do your own research as well! The predicted prices can change in the future so keep checking it weekly!

The price of Dragonchain (DRGN) could be USD by tomorrow

Dragonchain (DRGN) price forecast end of 2022

Due to the Ukraine war and other significant impacts on our society this year, we could see the Dragonchain price increasing a in the next few months. Our predicted price will update weekly, so keep an eye on it!

If the crypto adoption goes faster, we could expect a somewhat higher DRGN price in 2022. The adoption increased this year and is still because of this political issues right now.


Dragonchain (DRGN) price forecast 2025

On the longrun, we are pretty optimistic with our Cryptocoin prediction for 2025. As people will for sure explore the crypto markets, we give an estimated forecast for Dragonchain in 2025.

Our predicted DRGN price in 2025 will be:


Dragonchain (DRGN) price forecast 2030

Our forecast model is also able to predict the Dragonchain price in 2030. This is obviously not as accurate as the forecast for 2022 or 2025.

The Dragonchain price in 2030 will be:


Dragonchain (DRGN) price forecast 2040

According to our Dragonchain (DRGN) predictions, the forecast-model predicts a price of USD in 2040.

Dragonchain (DRGN) price forecast 2050

The rough estimates we can do with our automated forecasting model are USD for the year of 2050.

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    Dragonchain (DRGN) is safe to buy as long as you're careful with your private data. Our recommended exchanges are tested by many people and safe. Don't buy from third-party exchanges and keep your data safe. There are lots of scammers in the crypto-world so keep your data and your private keys safe. It is highly recommended to use hardware- and cold-wallets.

    The predicted price for tomorrow is USD.

    The Dragonchain-price is predicted to be USD.